Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Time Building A Computer

My Experience Building a Computer
How to Build Your Own Computer
by Gary Feltman

My wife and I talked about doing this for years. Our Dell finally we did it.

I outlined our experience below. It was fun, thrilling, scary, a little nerve-racking, new, exciting, and well worth it! The finished product is awesome! The computer is super fast! Good bang for our buck! We hear it will last 10+ years. Best computer we ever had! I recommend doing this.
  1. First we went to Microcenter. The staff assisted us in picking out all the necessary components. The parts include:
    1. Case
    2. Motherboard
    3. Memory
    4. Power
    5. Processor
    6. CD/DVD/Blue Ray Drive
    7. USB/SD drives
    8. Video Card
    9. Hard Drive
    10. Motherboard
    11. Operating system disc.
    12. Monitor.
  2. When we got home, we found a several Youtube videos that explained step by set how to put the computer together. We mostly watched one, but researched others if necessary. We were careful to stay grounded and not zap any of the parts, because the staff and customers at the store warned us about it.
  3. Below are pictures, videos, and some brief notes of the process.
The finished product is awesome!

Here are all the parts before we did anything. 
This is the case.

Here is the motherboard.

Here is the memory.

The power.

The processor. 

The CD/DVD Player/Burner.

USB, USB 2.0, SD, and other inputs.

Start with the case.

Insert the motherboard.

Insert the motherboard.

 Insert the processor. (This was the most nerve-racking part).

Hook up the main fan. 

Insert the memory.

Insert the video card.

Insert the hard drive. 

Insert the DVD/CD drive.

Then the power. This is where we make sure all the cables are hooked up.

Finally, put the fans in. Then put the covers on, plug it in, install the software, and you're ready to roll.

We ran into two issues.
One issue  is we didn't tuck the wires in enough, and they were blocking the fans from turning. The CPU gave us a fan error message. 

The other issue was that we should've initially just used the new hard drive to boot...we tried to put both the old and new one in to save the data right away....we'll hook up the old drive later.

Here's the final product. (Oh yeah, don't forget your mouse, keyboard, speakers, wifi, and printer).

The computer is super cool.

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