Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Geometry Technology Tools and Strategies in a Co-Taught Classroom

Educational Technology
  • Thatquiz.org to create quizzes
  • ExploreLearning.com allows the students to explore and discover concept through reading and writing interactive "Gizmos" on the computer
  • DiscoveryEducation.com allows viewing of videos that parallel real life concepts and Geometry concepts (for example surface area of the Egyptian pyramids)
  • MS OneNote allows for organizing, archiving, and modifying guided note-sheets to use every year
  • Geometer's Sketchpad allows students to discover geometry concepts through creating and interacting on a computer program
  • Brainpop contains quick videos and resources about basic math and geometry concepts
  • IXL allows students to practice concepts with walk-throughs and feedback
  • KhanAcademy allows students to research and watch video presentations of similar concepts learned in class
  • Kuta software to create tests, quizzes, and problems on the overhead for dry erase board work
Individual and Class Based Accommodations
  • Read-aloud instructions on homework, labs, quizzes, and tests
  • Allow students to work on quizzes in alternative settings
  • Allow extended time for quizzes, tests, and homework
  • Allow students to use notes on quizzes
  • Be vigilant ensuring students are taking notes, not holding side conversations, and staying on task
Interactive Learning Activities
  • Students work problems on dry erase boards and hold up answers
  • Sage and Scribe (Kagan activity)
  • Small groups (groups of 4), to work on problems together one at a time.
  • Relay Races: Groups work to complete one problem, take it to teacher, and get a new problem
  • Review that requires teacher signature for each correct problem; allowing students to ask questions per problem or when entire review is completed.
Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM)
  • Homework quizzes, followed up by individualized explanations if necessary.
  • "Exit" Quizzes
  • Daily randomized accuracy check on homework
  • Daily completion grade on homework

  • Candy questions
  • Extra Credit questions
  • Incentives sheet: collecting signatures to trade for option of candy or extra credit
  • Lab for each unit
  • Guided note sheets, including "You Try" problems allowing time for students to ask try problems, collaborate with each other and ask the teachers questions.
  • Weekly meeting with co-teacher discussing plans, positive outcomes, and things to improve

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